Caribbean Hold’em: Now on Mobile

 What happens when poker is re-formatted into a casino table game using Realtime Gaming? You get Caribbean Hold’em – a popular game available in online casinos only. This game is similar to Texas Hold’em, except you play against a computerized dealer instead of human opponents. As a result, you set the pace of the game and get paid based on the strength of your hand instead of a pot.

To play Caribbean Hold’em, place a wager (between $1 and $500) in the Ante circle, and hit Deal. Two cards will be dealt to you face up, and two cards will be dealt to the dealer face down. Three community cards will be placed face up on the board; these cards can be used by both you and the dealer. If you like your odds, raise the stakes by putting in a second bet that’s double your Ante bet. Two more community cards will be placed on the board face up, and your hand will be compared with the dealer’s.

There are three ways to win a payout in each round of Caribbean Hold’em.

  • Get paid for your Ante bet if the dealer doesn’t qualify. The dealer needs at least a pair of Fours to qualify. If the dealer’s hand is less than a pair of Fours, your Raise bet will be returned to you as a push, but you win the Ante.
  • Get paid for both your Ante bet and your Raise bet if the dealer qualifies, but you have the stronger hand. Hand rankings are the same as Texas Hold’em poker.
  • Get paid for your Progressive Jackpot bet if you get a Flush or higher. See below for progressive jackpot payouts.


Flush: $75

Full House: $100

Four of a Kind: $500

Straight Flush: 10%

Royal Flush: 100%

The progressive jackpot is shared with Caribbean Stud Poker, so it’s always on the rise. And because Caribbean Hold’em is now available on mobile in addition to desktop, you can bet the jackpot will continue to soar until one lucky player lands that life-changing Royal Flush. Will that player be you?


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